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Stephen E. Walker | Chief of Police | Centerville, OH
“We used Artistic Concrete Coatings about two years ago to refinish our garage floor. At the time I undertook this project, I was somewhat apprehensive, because frankly everyone I’ve ever known who painted their garage floor wound up with it pealing in no time. Our garage floor is spectacular and it is still absolutely perfect.

I cannot imagine a better product! What’s more, I can’t speak highly enough about Joe and his crew who worked as hard as anyone I’ve ever seen to make this job perfect.

Kudos to Artistic Concrete Coatings!”

Duchouquet Township Auglaize County, OH
“We loved the floors that they did in our township office so much that we hired Artistic Concrete Coatings to restore the concrete in the building where we park our snow plow trucks. They laid a beautiful terrazzo looking floor and it’s beautiful!”
Kurt Saum | CHARLES Construction Services, Inc. | Findlay, OH
“You did a great job on the retaining wall for Panera Bread at the strip mall. The owners were impressed.”
Carl Bornhorst | Lima, Ohio
“Thank you for the great work Artistic Concrete Coatings did for me. Four years ago, I restored the last room of my three story historic home built in 1928. It was the garage, which I call the auto zone. You used the original concrete floor and made it look like a real wooden floor! I had a historic tour of my home last year, and I had people on their hands and knees, saying, ‘I didn’t know these old homes HAD wooden floors in the garage!’ That is how much it looks, and feels like a wooden floor! It also cleans up great, and was featured in Ohio magazine, Fox TV, and the local Lima news.

Also, a year ago, you repaired the concrete floor under my portico. It was the original concrete floor with cracks and missing concrete. It was in bad shape. I did not want to remove the old concrete. Artistic Concrete Coatings resurfaced the old concrete floor, and it looks great. I could not have found anyone to do the great work Artistic Concrete Coatings did for me.

Thank you.”

Becky Hathaway | Fletcher, OH (east of Piqua)
“Joe and crew,

David and I cannot express our gratitude enough about you and your crew coming early Thursday morning to apply the second sealant to our basement floor.

As the beautiful and hot day wore on, the skies began to develop into storm clouds all around us. At 2:30, one woman who works with me received a phone call from her son saying that a bad storm had just gone through her home near Fletcher, (northeast of Troy,) and the storm had left some damage to her property. As I left work at 3:15 to head home, I heard thunder in the distance.

Finally home, I watched Channel 7 weather. No rain in Troy. Watching the little radar on Channel 7, there was rain south and east of us, but not in Troy. Watching, watching, still no rain in Troy. Then it happened, despite the lousy Channel 7 radar. 4:30 and the rain started coming down pretty heavy for about 20 to 25 minutes. WHAT???? Go to the internet to a site called intellicast.com and there it is! A good sized storm sitting right on Troy!

The rain finally ends. David goes to the basement and cannot see any water from the bottom step. He checks his rain gauge and there is 7/10ths of water in it. All evening, and through the night he keeps checking the basement and cannot see any water streaming in.

6:00 a.m. Friday morning and it is now time to check the damage. WHOOPIE! WHOOPIE! WHOOPIE! HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY! NO WATER DAMAGE DONE!

The towel stuffed into the corner of the big cupboard was a little wet. All the other towels were dry!

We had survived the storms and our new basement floor is dry and undamaged from the elements. We hope you and your excellent crew finally will be able to rest up and enjoy the upcoming weekend.

Thanks again for all you did.”

Elevator Services | Beaverdam, OH
“Everyone that looks at our office and lobby floors go crazy about them. They cannot believe that our office and lobby is not real granite tile!

Thank you so much!”

Dr. Bob Moon | Shawnee, OH
“Artistic sealed my driveways and coated my garage floor. I am having them back to coat my other garage floor this year!”
Doesecks | Cridersville, OH
“We love our front porch! After 5 years, it still looks great!”
Peter & Betsey Freed | Springfield, OH
“You wouldn’t believe that it was the same floor!’ They completely transformed my basement and garage floor. I also had them seal my driveway with The Concrete Protector.”


Lima Auto Mall | Lima, Ohio
“We had Artistic Concrete Coating Company do the floors in two of our buildings that were remodeled in May 2008. The workmanship on the polished floor in our Chevrolet Service Department looks like a bowling alley and cleans to the same each night after 100 cars a day pass through it. They also did the drive-through, and two old service shops that we converted to new showrooms. The results are amazing and the compliments from customers just keep coming on the look and quality workmanship. We are very pleased with the work they performed.”


National Danville | KY
“Our Company, National Danville, has hired Artistic Concrete Coatings twice in the last three months to do portions of our aisle ways. They have done several jobs throughout our other plants, and came highly recommended to us. We are doing our floors in stages to spread out the cost, and have them in over the weekends to allow us to start back on Monday morning shift without any issues. They willingly come in late Friday afternoon and finish early Sunday morning. The floors look FANTASTIC!! We have had one part of our aisle ways coated for about two and a half months, and it still looks like they did it only yesterday. There is no wear on the floor, even with our forklift traffic. We plan on having Artistic back in our plant several times over the next several months to do all the plant aisle ways, and also do some work on the outside concrete walkways. While the price is not cheap, the professional look, and the years of wear that their jobs will endure, is more than worth the cost. Compared to how many times we have tried to paint the floors on our own, we still could not keep them from wearing down quick – the cost of hiring Artistic becomes very cost efficient over the long run. They are very professional and know their job. I would highly recommend them to anyone. Anyone needing a reference can feel free to let me know and I would give you the THUMBS UP !!”


National Office Furniture
“This is in reference to the work performed by Artistic Concrete Coatings, Joe Quick, at National Office Furniture, a unit of Kimball International. To date, Artistic Concrete Coatings has provided service in two states; our Jasper, Indiana facility and, Danville, Kentucky facility. We have used them multiple times now at both facilities, and have been extremely satisfied with several key points:

Safety – his team of staff members always make sure to clearly define their work area, and before leaving facilities, make sure our plants can start up back up without a concern for employee safety.

Flexible hours – due to our rapid changing hours, he has flexed his team to complete projects. (If need be, on only 24 hr. notice.)

Dependable – he is on-site when he says…and he completes the job.

Joe Quick and his team work to satisfy our expectations. This is before the work starts, during and afterwards, to make sure we are satisfied with work provided. We have built a relationship, and when floor coatings are needed, he has our business.

Very trustworthy, we have opened our facilities to his team (24 hrs. a day,) to get projects completed in our time frame.

The visual appeal of their work is amazing. We get comments on how our facility has improved from our employees, (brightened their work area,) and external customers, (how impressed they are with shop floors.)”

References available upon request.”


Art Lowe | Impact | 740-262-6315
“I think most testimonials are about work well done.

Here’s one where the work was well done.

An unforeseen problem caused a disaster; requiring a total re-do.

The warranty had expired more than a year ago.

Without any hard words by me, the customer, I was immediately given a completely new and improved garage coating, costing $2,400…. installed for free.

The work was done on time—and the coating came out even better this time.

If you are ever looking for something different in floor, garage, patio, or walkway, I would strongly recommend you get a quote from Artistic Concrete!”


“We recently added a new office addition, and after we moved into the new part, we remodeled the old office area. We were really struggling about what to do with the floors. We have had linoleum, industrial tile, carpet, and nothing ever seems to hold up and there is always the cleaning issue. We talked with Joe at Artistic Concrete Coatings from Wapakoneta, Ohio, and we decided to have him do all the cement flooring with the flakes and epoxy coatings. It was absolutely the best choice for the floors. Joe’s employees came in and did a great job with the new concrete. They were friendly and worked extremely efficiently. The old concrete needed lots of work, but once again, Joe’s people made it look great! The floor is so easy to care for, and looks AMAZING. Thanks again, Joe, for being a part of this remodel, and helping to making our office a showroom!”

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