New Beautiful Epoxy Flooring Popping Up In the North and Southwest Ohio

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Have you walked into a lobby and looked at the floor and wondered what it was? Most of the time, it is epoxy. Epoxy floor epoxy-floors-lima-ohiocoverings are becoming the most favored flooring types by Ohio flooring contractors. From residential homes, to industrial plants, to show rooms, epoxy flooring is used in all sorts of environments. However, many businesses and or homeowners in the Ohio area are unaware of how cost effective and durable epoxy flooring is. What is it about epoxy that makes it so popular?

First of all, epoxy can be applied on many flooring surfaces. Epoxy does not need a special coating system, which would be dictated by the type of material used as a substrate. This is the case because epoxy can be used on concrete, steel and nearly any kind of surface. Regardless of what substrate you have epoxy will, more than likely, be applicable.

What are Epoxies?

The reason behind the high performing, powerful and extremely resistant epoxy coatings is the secret ingredient, epoxy resins. Epoxy resin is the core material, which forms the high quality formulations. The epoxy resin is responsible for epoxy floors performing great as waterproofing and protective layers and even fire retardant. Epoxies are a two parts that when mixed form a superior product.

What really makes Epoxy floors so popular is that it can withstand abuse. This quality makes epoxy floors one of the best heavy-duty floors available on the market. Many businesses that are prone to wear and tear, such as restaurants and hotels, commonly use this flooring option. Not only is this flooring option extremely durable but also easy to maintain. Some Epoxy coatings contain certain pigments that, when exposed to heat, will expand. This expansion forms a barrier of protection quickly, that will last until the fire is extinguished. With all of these qualities it’s no wonder these floors are so popular.

Epoxy floors can be mixed with materials to make them more resilient, slip resistant, or otherwise enhance their performance. One of the strengths of epoxy flooring is that it can be made to look like tile, marble, granite, glitter, and more. You can also add logos into an epoxy floor.

DIY Versus Professional Epoxy Flooring Contractors

Epoxy can be applied by do it yourselfers but it takes a lot of experience to apply expertly. Once epoxy is mixed it has to be applied immediately before it sets up. Tiny bumps and holes often appear, and need to be sanded out. Epoxy kits purchased at hardware stores often use lesser quality materials than are available to professionals. Professional contractors have the training, and experience to make sure the job is done right the first time.

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